Dear creators,

We told you last month that "creators of the month" were going to be publish monthly, because we love to feature your creativity!

Here it goes on this June, with a videomaker and a graphist as well from France: santawen. Santawen is a regular participant since 2009, he participated to more than 10 contests such as Fantasia, SFR, Lays, Cdiscount, LG, Minute Maid Pulpy and Clean Up Your act. He is specially addicted to our contests with "La Macif"! With 3 Prizes won so far, we are interested in learning more about Santawen. Here is our short interview with him:


Would you like to tell us how did you get to eYeka? I found eYeka by luck, I think I found out about a contest and followed the link. It was an opportunity to try something new on line.

Creator since 2009, you participated to 13 contests and won 3 times. Would you like to tell us a bit of your eYeka story, your experience, evolution, what you like and dislike about it? 13! I have never counted it, it is a lot. Truth is I have a very unique relationship with eYeka, and as a usual relationship: there are ups and downs. When I don’t agree with eYeka, I insult it and I don’t want to hear about it anymore. You need to hear that this is a unilateral relationship: there isn’t anyone to tell you if your creation is good or if you need to improve it. This is how you feel so lonely even if there are some nice comments on your media page. This is how you feel when you don’t win.

But when I receive an email about this new brief, it brings me back to work with new ideas. Then eYeka and I become close again like an old couple. The real thing with eYeka is about the way you feel when you win: more creative, more beautiful, more smart. Even if you don’t know why you did win.

Today brands are increasingly craving for eYeka creations as you can guess thanks to prizes amounts. So I must be more vigilant about what I put online. It becomes my new showreel for SANTAWEN productions.

What can you do at eYeka that you cannot do anywhere else? Be an actor in my own movies. Regular participant to our « La Macif » contest (French insurance company), what makes you participate to this kind of contest? Because safety is universal, we all have an idea about what should be an ad about it. So we try and maybe succeed. To be able to see other creators’ entries is sometimes the driving force behind it.

What were the best experiences you lived at eYeka? Do you know why you did win those 3 prizes, and not the others? I have no idea why some of my videos did win and some did not. My best experience is my participation into the LG Follow Me contest because my daughter is playing in it and I recorded it with a smartphone in 2 minutes. Meaning that it is not a question of size.

What is your usual participating process? What decides you to participate: brand? Brief? One idea? How do you work? Do you have a team working with you, professional equipment? First reason is the challenge, then brand, brief and specially the deadlines. Deadline makes me think more efficiently. As I'm under no pressure to do anything, it means I can really let my creative juices flow and go all out in my videos and illustrations. I might be the only one laughing about it, because I’m the only one working, shooting, creating. I don’t have any professional equipment, just an affordable camera and a lot of free time.

On many of your videos, you are the main character, and so is your family. How does that happen? While being the director, are you still the usual dad and husband? I work with my family because they are my first audience, and cheap to hire! It is a special occasion to share my work with them. It is hard work to direct actors and I want them to know how things work on stage, sorry I mean in the living room. It is especially good memories of us together and different from usual family holiday’s videos.

Would you like to share a word or two to your fellow creators? Go anywhere else because there are more and more eYeka members, meaning more and more rivals. Because of that I have to work full time on every single brief to get the chance to see a blog post about me one day on eYeka blog :)

Thanks a lot santawen! We love your creative family ;) We are lucky to see your daughter growing up, take a look below on her in 2009, then in 2012:

Final touch, Santawen winning video for the LG Follow Me contest: