Dear creators, we are glad to announce the 4 winners of "Create the ideal bottle of water for the office" contest ! We would like to thank you all for your great contribution in this creative challenge, your works are great! Well done, everyone :) Now, it’s time to announce the winners, You can find the jury’s comments in italics and some words from the winners too. First Prize of EUR 2,500 goes to superrockgalaxy (France) with B'water This proposal was chosen as the overall winner as it responded so well to the many criteria of the brief.
This project is the result of the collaboration between two friends, Anthony Loeuk and Quentin Lepetit, designers students in Paris. The brief interested us because deals with problematics with use of an object which is famous and ordinary for everyone. Our first step was to ask to our circle of friends. After several ideas, we integrated to ours designs and finally we have got a form factor of a bottle which as its own identity. a bottle in adequation with office ambiences and which distances oneself from other bottle (jogging, fitness...). We are very happy to win this first award because it's for us the result of a successful work in collaboration.
Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to filmalike (Germany) with water bottle The cleverness of this proposal was to take the "ring bottle" which already exists for sport/jogging, and demonstrating how this idea could also respond to the consumer needs of the office.
It was so much fun to create in a such free circle, without having a client on your shoulder. In this brief I like the idea of creating a bottle especially for the use in offices, I can imagine how people feel to have to carry a lot of stuff and their bottle of water as well. The brief was also very clear and in a sympatic way very close. The story about my idea is to create a simple, clear design, really different from the normal shapes of bottles of water. Something you will spot immediately in a supermarket. And its a chic accessoire as well.
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to Rib (France) with bur'eau What is most interesting about this idea is the fact that you make a relatively minor change, but that this change brings multiple additional possibilities. In summary, a simple, well-executed idea, which responded well to the brief. Fourth Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to Rais-art (Germany) with OfficeBottle-Project The solution of removing the bottle from the top of the desk very effectively removes the risk of spillage, and demonstrates an innovative approach.
It wasn't the first time I participate at an eYeka contest, but it's the first time that I win a prize ! As I've finished my studies at the Design Akademie from St. Petersburg, I work like a freelance now, so I spent a lot of time in my studio and frequently I encountered some issues that everyone know, with my bottle of water. Many times, my bottle spills on my computer, on my desk and designs... Therefore, thinking about all this issues I built the basis of my project. It's very important It is very important to find the reasons for the original design. Sometimes, I look for an idea in other kind of activity. Many thanks to the jury for their choices and comments !
Congratulation to the winners! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much ! ps : Due to the confidentiality of the contest, our client would prefer not to be published media. Thank you for your kind understanding.