Dear creators,

Thank you for participating to the “Reinvent Voting” contest. Your entries were very creative and insightful and today we are delighted to announce the winners!
Please find in italics the comments from the jury, followed by some words from the happy winners..

First Prize of EUR 3,000
goes to Clementime (Canada) with Give Voting the Finger

“Very original idea which stands out from the others.  It is starting from the behaviors and attitude of young voters (ie: the problem) as opposed to jumping into a solution straight away.  Clever use of “word-of-mouth” making the jump back from social media to the real world.  We love the idea of re-importing a “low tech” solution to the “developed world’ to make it trendy as a real world hashtag.  Great animation that makes the narrative engaging.”
“I came across eYeka only about three months ago and was attracted to its innovative platform for co-creation. I find the contests that eYeka hosts to be an excellent outlet for creative energy. And as a young voter I express an active interest in getting my peers more involved in the democratic system, so I felt very inclined towards participating in this particular call for entries. I get a lot of my inspiration from the music I use in my media. Usually after I have a rough concept of what I want to create, I find a song that matches the general feeling of what I’m going for, and go from there. I work alone and am constantly trying to learn more in order to develop my skills. With every media I create, I set a goal to include a new After Effects, Flash or Photoshop technique that I’ve learnt along the way, so it’s a constant learning experience!

Second Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to KlipProduction (France) with Vote EASY
“Simple solution that would revolutionize voting. Not only for young people but everyone eligible.  It also leverages and existing technology infrastructure for availability of “voting terminals”, identification and security.  The video really drives the point that it is so easy to vote that you could almost do it casually while on the phone.  Nice idea. “
“My award for Re-Invent Voting is amazing because it was my first participation as director for eYeka's calls for entries! Re-Invent Voting was a perfect subject for me, because I have only voted two times on my life (I'm 30). Each time, I wanted to vote but either my polling station was too far or I hadn't enough time... Before this contest, I had already directed few music-videos for unknown French singers, an advertising with the double of Bruce Willis (I'm a fan), photo shoots and few video of concerts. I have also been director for a theatre company and I wrote 3 plays. Now, I want directing to become my full time job. And Eyeka is a good way to show people what I do for advertising, as well as my ideas and my skills. For me, directing is especially a tough work before the shooting. Indeed, I think it is easier to be brisk and efficient when the unforeseen things come if you have the final cut in your head before the shooting. Thank you for reading me and see you soon on eYeka or on my future website: “

Congratulations to the winners! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much! We loved all of your creations and it was definitely a challenge to only select 2 winners among all of you!