Dear creators, we are glad to announce the 3 winners ofPhilips Inspirational Lighting contest today! We would like to thank you all for your great contribution in this creative challenge, your works are great! Well done, everyone :D Now, it’s time to announce the winners, You can find some words from the winners too: First Prize (EUR 3,000) goes to zhangxiansheng (China) with Six ideas
This is the 3rd prize I won in eYeka, I would like to thank eYeka for providing such a great platform for us, what I learn most in eYeka is that: as long as you keep learning and never give up, you will succeed one day!
Second Prize (EUR 1,500) goes to kutudaun (Indonesia) with Restaurant_final
My friend told me about eYeka in 2009. About the Philips lighting brief, it's clearly enough (for me), but sometimes (in some contest) eYeka need to give us more detail information or explanation. I want to join the contest because of the brief (the brief help me to think & solve the challenge) and of course the prize :) How do I feel when winning the contest? Shock, Excited, Happy :D
Third Prize (EUR 500) goes to Tdashh (India) with led to better
Hello! My name is Vikram kr singh. I came to know about eYeka from my best friend and brother, (N.Abhishek) we both work together for most of the contests in eYeka. We both have separate account in eYeka though we work together and chose our pick :) This is my first win and I am so happy. Now we are equal in score. I chose Philips inspirational lighting because  it sounds really exciting and simply briefed to me and world leader brand Philips was involved..... This is the greatest thing about eYeka that you get chance to work for big brands like Philips. And winning a contest is really great because it makes you feel recognized and appreciated. eYeka is a great platform for creative people around the world, it's the most exciting thing in my life. Everything about eYeka is so nice: moderators, website, wonderful creators...they are just awesome and I feel so proud to be a part of this wonderful world :)  I would like to tell all my eYeka's brothers and sisters: just keep on working and one day your idea will definitely click . Lastly I would like to give thanks to eYeka and PHILIPS, for giving me this opportunity, thank you so much !!!
  Congratulation! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much! p.s.: Apologize because we are unable to publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest (product idea). Thank you for your understanding. :)