Our Philips 'Obsessed with Sound' contest was a huge success. It's all thanks to YOU! :D We could see that so many of you are obsessed with sound and music. Music really gives colour to your life, don't you think so? And we had a lot of fun watching the submissions ;) So anyway, to cut long story short, we have gotten the winners of this contest! Behold, they areeeeeeee....... Video Category:  First Prize of EUR 5,000 goes to Edandl (UK) with Philips Advert "Change Your World"
We are a directing duo (Ed Aldridge and Si Martin). We've been friends since the age of 4 and pursued separate careers in film and TV before starting to work together again in the last two years. We've made two adverts from eYeka briefs and are starting a new one now. We love eYeka because it allows us to experiment with ideas and stories, but gives us a brief and a deadline to focus our energies. We are often inspired by cinematic genres and the idea for the Philips advert came from a mix of 'indie' films like 'Clerks' (a guy alone in a shop) and a John Carpenter-style bad guy from films like 'The Warriors'. We wanted to subvert expectations so the audience is uneasy to begin with and then happy when the tone turns lighter.
Second Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to FFC (France) with Sounds of Influence - Philips
I've directed a lot of videos (eYeka's call for entries, music videos, web series, and other short things) so I became aware of the power of music on the pictures. I've just made a text about it and try to illustrate this "power". My usual creation process in eYeka is to pick up the keyword of the brief, make sure that I understood it and see if my "universe" is compatible with.I started to participate in eyeka contests 3 or 4 years ago with my team and a little camera then we have won awards which enabled us to fund new equipments and new projects. Here is my website : http://www.the-antipop.com/
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to Gilz (France) with Philips_sst
This was my first contest since 2009. It's always difficult for me to ask my actor friends and technical crew to work for free or so (since it's a contest, we'll never know the issue). For this one, we shot it in one of my friends' office. We had two DSLR, a couple of lights, two actors, a make up artist. We shot it within 5 hours and I edited it in two days.
Prints Category:  First Prize of EUR 2,500 goes to pisezzz (Moldova) with Philips_Coffee
This contest was really interesting for me. A big brand which is ready for fresh ideas, that seems attractive to me :DI think that music is a great passion, and it's some kind of stimulator, so i decided to make a parallel between music "consumption" and consumption of stimulation drinks like coffee, wine, beer. When you see the print, you'll think of invigoration that gives coffee and relaxation that brings wine! I think it's a little bit of psychology.I thank Eyeka for organization of the contest and i wish to everybody only bright ideas!
Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to Usyaev (Russian Federation) with Philips
The idea came to me after a long thinking about music. Music for many people is something more than just the vibrations of sound waves. Music paints the surrounding area. It adds bright color to our surroundings. And people are transformed when they hear the familiar notes.
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to ggmcc1108 (Hong Kong) with PHILIPS_Sound_Evolution
First of all, I was so happy to share my feelings. In fact, my inspiration comes from the first impression. Philips is a known, stable and rich brand of power, I want to emphasize this point. In my work is also rich explosive! You can see Philips products make ordinary audio into colorful sound! People will understand directly. I think that the different products and brands have their own style and road, so we have to understand only with the object required. By the way, i think that design is used to be solved problems and make life better, and this is my interest too. After joining eYeka, I broadened my horizons, and I usually pay attention to the activities there & appreciate everyone's work. The most important thing, my creativity has also been greatly stimulated. I hope I can continue to work & progress. Thanks, God!
  Congratulation, guys! Well done! We'd like to thank everyone who have taken a part in this contest. A BIG thank you to all of you for making it a success! Keep up the good work and stay awesome! :)