Hello everyone!!

Have you ever heard of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity? The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world's biggest celebration of creativity in communication. At present only industry professionals are permitted. But we, at eYeka, believe that EVERYONE can be creative. We want the Cannes Lions' organizers to acknowledge that creative talent exists outside the four walls of advertising agencies by opening a new "consumer creativity" category at the next Cannes Lions for people like YOU, the public! Create a striking, clever poster or video that will convince advertising professionals that "consumer creativity" deserves to be featured at the Cannes Lions. As for the prize, we may not have any monetary prizes for you, BUT your work has the chance to be featured on the Roar Out Loud! campaign page on Facebook, on the campaign blog,  and to be shown during the eYeka workshop on consumer creativity at the Cannes Lions on the 22nd of June. Isn't it equally awesome to have your works displayed and featured for everyone to see? ;) This contest will be running until 17 June 2012. Click here to view the brief and participate! Roar out loud so the Lions can hear you!