Dear creators,

It has been a while since the last time we featured the "Creator of the Month" in eYeka blog! From now on, we’ll feature monthly from this month onwards, as we believe great works deserve to be seen and talented people need to be kept an eye on ;)

Our featured creator of May is a video-maker from Hong Kong: derricktao. Derrick Tao just joined eYeka not long ago but already won one prize in Philips video contest, his winning entry moves us deeply as well. Wanna know more about him? Check out this mini conversation we’ve had with him:

Hello! Would you like to tell us more about yourself?
Hi all! My name is Derrick Tao, an video-maker from Hong Kong, my professional career started with two major motion picture companies in Hong Kong - Mandarin Films and Pegasus Motion Pictures. The unique culture of Hong Kong movie industry has offered me exposure in different production roles, including filming, making of documentary, screenplay research, screen-writing, trailer editing, and even acting.

I joined eYeka in October 2011, I was surprised to see there’s such great platform for creators!

You only joined one contest in eYeka: "Inspire Philips with your personal story of health and well-being” contest, then you won! Can you share how you feel with us?”
I feel that I am very lucky! I was exciting to win an international prize, as it means I can compete with other great video makers worldwide  :)

How did it influence/impact you or your life?
My winning video is about Cambodia and TOLA - the main character's dream, he was only 26 years old only and he only has one leg, but he’s always patient, gentle. Sadly TOLA died of bone cancer before we got the news that we won.

TOLA's dream is to build a school in Cambodia so children there can have better education, so I will donate the prize money of Philips contest to Cambodia charity project to build a school there; meanwhile, my girlfriend is doing some volunteer works in Asia, we’ll work together on the Cambodia school project. I have started to film the building process in Cambodia; it will be my second video about Cambodia.

I feel lucky to have TOLA’s voice and images in the video, so people who don’t know him can still be inspired by his strong spirit.

Thanks Derrick for your nice story. Our next question is: When creating, where do those good ideas that you have come from?
I usually think a lot, and imagine different things. Actually it’s hard for me to answer the question, if I knew where do those ideas come from, I will definitely go there a lot to find them! ;)

Did you learn video making on your own, within a group or with friends?
I graduated in art school and majored in Film. The reason why I chose to study Film is that I think filming is an interesting work that requires teamwork; I enjoy working with a lot of people.  
To be honest, I am quite shy and not used to brainstorming with other people, so usually I will create the idea by myself and maybe film with my team. I guess I should learn how to communicate better with my team.

What are you passionate about? Do you have any goal?
Like most guys, I am passionate about football, video game and superman! 
For the goal, I hope I can make more inspirational videos and touch millions of people.

What are the things you like about eYeka, and what are the things you think could be improved in the future? 
I like eYeka because it’s a great platform for creators with many contests. The staff at eYeka is very nice and friendly. They even felt excited for me when I won the contest! I am very impressed about this.  
If I must name something that could be improved, I wish the website were more user friendly and that the User Interface could be reviewed in the future. :)

If you could share a word with your fellow creators what would you say to them?
I am glad to meet lots of creators here; I hope we can learn from each other, it’s really a wonderful world here!

Thank you for sharing, Derrcik! It's so nice to see that you donated the prize money to charity project. We wish you all the best for your career endeavour and we are always happy to see your creations here on eYeka! ;)