Remember when we asked you to come up with some new ideas for Sunsilk products?
We wanted you to Create the next generation of Sunsilk’s combing creams, you did a great job and we can now announce you the winners of this challenge!
The client commented that: "They selected ideas that were really focused, single-minded and developed."
Drum rolls for...
(Please see in italics the comments from the jury followed by some words from the happy winning creators)

First Prize of EUR 2,500
goes to KarineHimura from Brazil. 
Really liked the idea of combining two different & complementary products in a same packaging to offer double care to all types of hairs. The packaging concept is not only nice and well branded but also very functional
I met eYeka over the net less than a year ago, I was looking for ways to improve my creativity, at the time I had just graduated and I wasn't working yet, so I was looking for ways to participate into contests and show my works. eYeka is a very good platform for this, I would have never had the chance of working for a big brand such as Unilever if it wasn't for eYeka. I decided to participate in this context specifically because I always use Sunsilk's product but I suffer from allergic rhinitis and the combing creams made me sneeze all the time, especially because i used a lot of it! When I saw in the brief that I could invent a new parfume i thought that it was my opportunity! I don't know much about parfumes thought, so I have created the new packaging which more related with my job. I always do a lot of researches before starting to work on the creation, I use many methods from various national and international designers: i search for info on the product, to know more about the brand which is asking for the work, their public, the product they would like. I also look for informations in the concurrents' products, and i start sketching. As i go on with the researches the idea becomes clearer in my mind and i list all the requisites that i want my product to have and how it will look like. Then I choose among the alternatives i found, looking for the best solution. Only after i start thinking about the aestetics of the product, which needs to be functional before being nice!
Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to volodymyr_moskalets from Ukraine.
A singled-minded idea that expands Sunsilk product and brand experience to a new segment. Very clever!
I love to create something new. And the greatest happiness - is when your ideas are useful. I was very interested in the idea of creating a new product for Sunsilk - such a famous brand. I hope that one day women all over the world can appreciate my idea into practice. And hope they like it. Thanks a lot!
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to alexchapuis from France.
Very innovative. It takes combining cream to a more fashion/beauty category. Inspiration for the brand moving forward.
I discover eyeka with a friend, I join in eyeka challenge to win more money and diversify my portfolio. Specifically I participated in Sunsilk challenge, because I love girly brief and beauty products. My creative process is: I look for the idea, I check the highness and the weakness of it, and when I begin the graphism I saw if it's work.
Congratulation! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much!
P.S.: We apologize for not being able to show you the winning entries due to confidentiality reasons. Thanks for your understanding.