You guys rock!!!

Your videos for the contest Create an engaging video to tell the story of “water eliminating the toxins that your body doesn’t need” were excellent! Some of them were very fun and made us smile!
The client has chosen the three most representative videos and today we are glat to announce the winners. Drum rolls, please...
Please find in italics the comments from the jury, followed by some words from the happy winners.

First Prize of EUR  5,000
goes to flojoART (Germany) with his video Cleaning without water?
This video was the more original. Great analogy between clean inside and outside and pass perfectly the importance of water to woman feeling completely clean.

This is the first time on eYeka that I won the first prize! Thank you very much! I couldn´t believe it!! There was a lot of great and funny entries! From the beginning I liked the “Bonafont” contest. The reasons are, that I like very much competitions about some healthy stuff, I could start directly because I know this product very well, I wanted work again with this actor (I worked already with Ekaterina for a different project) and I wanted already do long time some project with a green screen. Usually I do a lot animations, I love it!! But I also like to work with some actors and artists. For this contest I combined the actor with the animations. After a short planning phase I started directly with the recording and the animations for the water and the backgrounds. Till now I am working alone, but I show always the finished result my girlfriend! She is very critical J I love eYeka!! This gives me the chance, work on my animation-, director- and video skills and my future! Its great to get some feedback, and have contact with lot of great artists all over the world! Thank you very much!”
Second Prize of EUR 3,000 goes to Nehesh (India) with  Bonafont -A day in the life of lilly-Clip1
Great marker of accumulation of toxins and good visual elements to confirm it. This video shows clearly that the stressful life causes toxins that need to be eliminated.

This particular contest was based on a theme that our team believed in as a workable solution to most modern health problems. Hence, we decided to take our belief forward and get our idea out. Oh that’s simple we go at each other’s throats for about 2 hr like a no holds bar royal rumble cage match over ideas and who is right. Then Since we have two key individuals in our team . We split the work or idea into two elements one is looking at the demographic to which we are catering to and focusing what the viewer wants to see or will understand and comprehend . The other element is what the company wants to say. Deadlines are all the inspiration one will ever need. we work in a team, the team comprises of two members who’s creative ideas are in sync that makes our work flow more easy. A very dear friend of mine suggested me to enter because I produce music here in India and my partner is into photography so we decided to team up and make this happen.
Third Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to Lexitricity (UK) with Little Reminders
Very relevant topic. One of the main reasons of a low consumption of water is forget to do it. And this video addresses this issue in a very smart way.

After reading the brief I felt inspired to create something and Danone is a great brand, so this seemed like a good opportunity. The nice thing about a competition is that gives you a chance to interpret the brief in your own way and experiment with new ideas. Danone is obviously a great brand name to be associated with and, in my case, one I associate with my childhood as I grew up in France, so there is a bit of happy nostalgia there too! Generally whe i create my media, I like to take a relaxed approached and in order to do this, I believe preparation is important. Because I come from a background in Fine Art and Illustration, I like to use visual references such as story-boards, which I draw myself. It is so much easier being able to point to a picture on a page than trying to explain things verbally. I also find creating story-boards really focuses my mind and makes the project ‘real’. In the case of “Little Reminders” I got inspiration from real life. I am a busy woman – the very kind the advert is aimed at – I work hard and sometimes forget to keep up good habits. A little quirk of mine is leaving post-it notes to remind myself of things I need to do, so I just took this basic idea and created a story around it. I wanted to make an ad that was sweet and humorous, taking a light hearted approach. I enjoy working collaboratively and I have a team of people that I like to work with. Over time, we have become friends as well as work colleagues. While I often come up with the initial idea on my own, it is helpful to run your concepts passed other people whose opinion you trust. Film-making is a collaborative art-form. I might have a creative vision, but talking your concepts through and listening to suggestions is the best way to bring a project to life. I grew up between London and France on a diet of Art-House cinema and MTV. I started off in Illustration, before training at Central School of Speech & Drama, London, so you could describe me as an ‘actor’s director’ with drawing skills! I’ve made everything from short films and documentaries to commercials and award-winning music videos.
Congratulations! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much! We loved all of your creations :D