Dear creators,

Did you know eYeka has recently passed the 200,000 creative members mark? Today we are proud to introduce our 200,000th member

Here he is: his username is Madlink and he comes from United Kingdom. This great british videomaker participated to 3 contests so far: LG Kompressor Follow Me, Kikkoman and Mikado Time. And he did win the 3rd Jury's Prize of Mikado contest! Of course Madlink is not only a creator on eYeka, he works in a small video production company and also works part time in retail. Madlink and us had a little interview and we are happy to share it with you:

How did you hear about eYeka and what do you think about it?

I heard about eYeka from one of my friends who I work with producing music videos. I checked the site out and it seemed like a great opportunity to get creative and try ideas you usually don’t get, or even think, to do. The community also seemed pretty active, so I knew that if I had any problems, there were people out there ready to answer my questions. It’s also really great to see what the global creative community can do, as it gives you inspiration to take your ideas further.

How do you feel about our creative contests?
When you’re doing an eYeka project there’s lots of really great aspects to it. The ideas you have are fresh and sometimes out of your comfort zone, so you’re really pushing yourself creatively.  It’s great to watch the other entries roll in and see how differently everyone has interpreted the brief. It’s a genuine display of how different cultural aspects effects our methods of communication.
I only recently started eYeka projects, but I’ve finished three separate entries. Each entry takes a fair bit of planning, shooting and editing, so I’ve put a good amount of time in so far. I have to try and juggle this around my other commitments, but the eYeka projects have been really enjoyable and I can’t wait to get started on some more!

What do you think about co-creation can bring to Brands?
The brands that post challenges on eYeka are getting a great insight on how the entire world see them. The varied results from the eYeka community show what aspects of a certain brand appeal most to people all over the world and that must surely help them in future marketing endeavours. As eYeka projects really show how the average person feels about a particular brand and how they respond to it, the brands are getting a direct insight to the mind of the people buying their products. Information like that is invaluable.

Thank you very much Madlink for sharing your thoughts with us. We wish you the best and we hope you will keep on sharing your creativity on eYeka!
You can see 2 videos that Madlink created for eYeka in the following player: