Showing the eYeka Story. Yeap, that's exactly what you guys have done in the eYeka Story contest. We received numerous awesome entries showing what eYeka is and what do we do. So after a tough judging process, a winner has finally been selected! And who is it??? Let's give a round of applause to gregork from the USA! He has won the EUR 3,500 prize with his entry The Eyeka Story. Congratulation! Now let's see what our judges said about his creation: 
It's the most complete description of what eYeka does (It is close to the sequential process of what we do and how it benefits people) and it managed to simplify a complex story while keeping a good pace with an engaging narrative and visual style.

Well done!! :D And a BIG thank you for everyone who have taken a part in this contest. We surely enjoyed ourselves watching all of the submissions. You guys rock! :D