Diapers are symbolic of the huge change that a baby brings to a parent’s life. Diapers have always been both a necessity and a burden. Today modern parents see their baby as another part of their active lives. They want to be social, busy and stylish and still be recognized as good moms and dads. They want and can afford to have it all. Pampers is the world’s leading brand of diapers. It delivers trusted dryness at an affordable price, as well as new innovative, premium diapers for those who demand the very best.

Reinvent Pampers' packaging for modern moms and dads who ask for more: a better and more premium experience when they buy, choose, carry, store and use Pampers. It should have both functional and aesthetic enhancements to create a better and more premium experience.

Please focus on the packaging design (the material, shape, structure, carry solution; etc.), NOT the diapers inside the pack, or the communication of the product/brand, or how it is sold in retail channels :)

For this contest we accept Pictures, illustrations, sketches, storyboards, and any visual medium that will allow you to describe your innovative idea! And we've 5,000€ for the winners:
1st Prize: EUR 3,000
2nd Prize: EUR 1,500
3rd Prize: EUR 500
Redesign Pampers Packaging contest will be running until June 10th. Don’t forget to use the contest discuss tab if you have any comment or suggestion :)  Surprise us with your idea!