Remy Martin is a prestigious cognac brand and it has been making the highest quality cognac since 1724. Its distinctive black frosted bottle is very elegant. Its red and gold label and iconic centaur logo make it stand out from the crowd. But is this enough to make the bottle stand out in the top bars or glamorous nightclubs? Is this enough to make the drinkers proud to be seen with the bottle?
Design an original object to glorify Remy Martin’s bottle and make it distinctively and elegantly stand out in the most glamorous nightclubs or top bars.

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 For this contest you can submit: pictures, sketches, storyboards, or any visual medium that will allow you to best describe your idea.

We have 5,500 € for 3 best ideas:

1st Prize: EUR 3,000
2nd Prize: EUR 1,500
3rd Prize: EUR 1,000!

Don't forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. Remy Martin contest will be running until 5 June 2012..