Dear creators, we are glad to announce the 3 winners of "Imagine a night out in a Rémy Martin World" contest! We would like to thank you all for your great contribution in this creative challenge, your works are great! Well done, everyone :) Now, it’s time to announce the winners, You can find the jury’s comments in italics and some words from the winners too. First Prize of EUR 3,000 goes to zhangxiansheng (China) with the oak box of Remy Martin interesting and original concept with many interesting ideas, that emphasis the drinking experience with a lot of details for each steps.
zhangxiansheng: I discovered eYeka one year ago, I was surprised to see so many interesting contests so I registerred. For this contest, I first did some background check about Rémy Martin, tried to get as much as information about the brand - This is very improtant, I always do this whenever I want to join a contest - and then started to think of the idea: it must be creative, original and meets the brand value. To be honest, I was having a hard time these few days because I was busy doing my final year project, but I was really excited when I heard that I won the First Prize of the contest. Thank you eYeka for all the support!
Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to skhuters (United Kingdom) with Remy Martin Very original, innovative and premium concept for sublimate the drinking ritual and the “thrill” Remy Martin.
skhuters: I am happy that this money from idea contest really helps me achieve goals in my film making!
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to Cat_z (China) with No One Knows You Better Than Us Good comprehension of consumers habits, and original ideas (but a bit less relevant with the brand values)
Cat_z: As an architecture student, I am also interested in animation and graphic design and have been looking for different creative contests online for long until I found eYeka. With so many contests in eYeka, I prefer to join insights contest, that's why I chose Rémy Martin. I know the brand is targeting people around 30 years old, so I did some research about their consumption habits and then started to create my entry. Actually some of the inspirations come from my trip to Australia (I won the First Prize of eYeka "There’s nothing like Australia" contest so I got the chance to visit Australia for free), it makes me believe that as a creator, it's really important to see and to experience the world, those new places and new people inspire me a lot ;)
Congratulation to the winners! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much! For those who didn't win, here's a friendly reminder: Remy Martin is launching another contest - "Make the Remy Martin bottle stand out!", design an original object to glorify Remy Martin’s bottle and make it distinctively and elegantly stand out in the most glamorous nightclubs or top bars, you will have chance to win up to EURO 5,500 of prizes! Click here to view the brief and participate! Due to the confidentiality of the contest, our client would prefer not to be published media. Thank you for your kind understanding.