Hello everyone! Still remember our Coca-Cola ‘Energizing Refreshment’ contest that was running from 15th November 2010 – 28th March 2011? It was a huge success with more than 2,000 entries received. Today we are pleased to inform you that Coca-Cola has chosen 6 videos from the contest and they have been uploaded onto Coca-Cola’s YouTube account and website as well! This was done in conjunction with Coca-Cola’s submission for Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity which will take place this coming 17 June 2012. The 6 videos are: Coke Bottles by KenArlidge (USA) Power Up by protonsanon (New Zealand) City Energizer by missedpixel (Germany) Coke by zss (China) Energizing Bike by heyalbi (Italy) Positive Signs by foureyes (UK) CONGRATULATION, GUYS! This is definitely an international recognition for you! :D Coca-Cola would love to know what do you think of the videos. Therefore, we would like to invite you to watch them (just click on the video title or the images up there) and don't hesitate to give comments, like it, and share it! After all, good things are meant to be shared, aren’t they? ;) Once again, well done guys! And we hope this may be an inspiration for all of you. When you are taking a part in our contests, you may never know where your entries would lead you to :) International recognition is definitely one of the things we are offering you, our dearest creators. So keep wow-ing us with your creations through our contests. We are always glad and happy to see them! :D