Young women nowadays are confident, independent and sassy. They are fed up with the cheesy and fuzzy love stories, in which a girl is always waiting for her charming prince to come for her, or anxiously expect her husband to surprise her only on a Valentine’s Day…

Pond’s wants to celebrate modern women in love. Pond's believes that love is free of forms and shapes. It can be differently delightful, romantic and full of creativity when the ladies take the lead.

Creates “a moment of love” by showing us what happens when the girl takes the lead. Your entry should be engaging, sharable and really capture “love” in this moment. Think about what your loveable, witty, confident, active and modern heroine could do to take a lead on love. Give your idea a smart twist and make something lovely, delightful, interesting or surprising happen.

For this contest we accept videos and animations (90 sec max).

Click here to view the brief and participate!

We have 30,000€ for 3 best video/animation:

1st Prize: 15,000 EUR
2nd Prize: 9,000 EUR
3rd Prize: 6,000 EUR

Don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion.
Pond's contest will be running until 18 June. Hurry to participate! ;)