Dear creators, we are glad to announce the 5 winners of  "Imagine an ultra-hip, in-the-know digital personal shopper." contest. Community managers team and Jury liked a lot to see all your ideas about the best digital personal shopper. Here is the list of 5 winners: Please find the Jury’s comments in italics.
1st Jury'Prize of 1000 € goes to chintami (Indonesia), winner for the 6th time. "A perfect and global overview of the subject, especially about the idea of a virtual world hosted by a multiscreen, with a strong link between on and off line and the original idea of "Market Square CtoC" ». 2nd Jury'Prize of 1000 € goes to lesjakee (France), 2nd Prize won. "This media form is interesting, the both educational and humorous way it is demonstrating was much appreciated." 3rd Jury'Prize of 1000 € goes to jerminale (Russian Federation), elected as a winner for the 5th time. "Concept of « curation » well developed with such an interesting presentation on tablet." 4th Jury'Prize of 1000 € goes to gregork (USA), his 2nd time winning. "Very good presentation of the concept, comprehensive and educational." 5th Jury'Prize of 1000 € goes to markka (United Kingdom), a serial winner with more than 20 Prizes won. "Interesting interface, more particularly with the compass function and a lively presentation."
Congratulations to everyone! And BIG thank you from us to all of you who have taken a part in this contest. All of your creations are awesome. Due to the confidentiality of the contest, our client would prefer not to be published media. Thank you for your kind understanding.