A revolutionary new creative tool is something that disrupts the status quo. Allowing more people to do something faster, better, easier or letting people do something totally new. With a revolutionary creative tool, people can express their creativity in original ways.

As a creative person, you appreciate great new ideas when you see them. When you pick up the pen for your drawing tablet, when you retouch a picture with your creative suite, when you press the shutter to capture a moment of inspiration with your digital SLR camera or with your smartphone or when you connect your USB midi keyboard to your tablet to make music you are using creative tools that once were revolutionary and disrupted the status quo.

Open a new era for creativity by inventing a revolutionary new creative tool to help people like you express their creativity in original ways!

Pictures, illustrations, sketches, storyboards and any visual medium that will allow you to describe your idea.

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We have EUR 5,000 for 5 best ideas, where each winner will receive EUR 1,000 each

This contest will be running until 1 March 2012. Surprise us with your idea! Show us tools that we have never seen before and amaze us with your creativity! You know you have always create something that WOW-ed us right? ;)