Dear creators, this time you were supposed to take a turn in the Director' chair and create a new TV program around the home that you would like to see broadcast on TV. We are glad to announce that you succeeded to make it! First of all we would like to thank you, for your participation in this creative challenge. Please find the results below:
First prize of 3,000 EUR goes to Gaetan_Uytterhaegen (from the United Kingdom)
Second prize of 2,000 EUR goes to VincentT (from France)
Third prize of 1,000 EUR goes to Joe_Stutter (from the United Kingdom)
Fourth prize of 1,000 EUR goes to Ravenheart (from Indonesia)
Fifth prize of 1,000 EUR goes to remake1990 (from Algeria)
Sixth prize of 1,000 EUR is for accidentallyc (from Philippines)
Seventh prize of 1,000 EUR is for markka (from the United Kingdom)
Congratulations to the winners and once again thank you all for participation ;)