Football is one of the few universal passions. It makes us laugh, love, cry, pray, celebrate...Since 2000, Hyundai has been a long-standing partner of UEFA and this year again, Hyundai will share its passion for football as a sponsor of EURO 2012.

For EURO 2012, Hyundai has recruited 5 famous footballers to form “team Hyundai” [Iker Casillas (Spain), Giuseppe Rossi (Italy), Daniel Sturridge (England), LukasPodoski (Germany) and Karim Benzema (France)]. They will feature in a new TV commercial to entertain and inspire you, just before a game begins...

Inspired by Hyundai’s commitment for football, how will you (and your friends) share your passion for EURO 2012? Format:Video or Animation (up to 45 seconds), Photo or Illustration.
We have EUR 45,000 up for grab for 6 winners! Yes, you read it correctly. Fourty five thousand Euros! :D Video/Animation Category: 1st Prize: EUR 15,000 2nd Prize: EUR 9,000 3rd Prize: EUR 6,000 Photo/Illustration Category: 1st Prize: EUR 7,500 2nd Prize: EUR 5,000 3rd Prize: EUR 2,500
Click here to view the brief and participate! Hyundai EURO 2012 contest will be closed on 23 May 2012. Let's get the ball rollin'! Don't forget to use  Discussion tab on the contest page if you have any comments or suggestions ;)