Dear creators,

Thank you for your great submissions so far in Remy Martin Phase 1. In the next one week until April 25, you can further develop or rework your entry based on our feedback and submit it again before the deadline.
Here are our comments for you:

We would like you to focus on this: Imagine that you are in a bar with friends (the Remy Martin bar we mentioned). You order a Remy Martin cognac for all. The waiter arrives and serves the drink. What could the waiter do or what could you do that would make this moment more special, more original?

Maybe it is the type of glasses that are used, the way you cheer with friends, a drinking game that you play or a special tool that the waiter use to serve the cognac and mix it with other drinks as a cocktail...Think of this specific moment and how it could be made truely special, elegant, modern, audacious, trendy... just like Remy Martin!

You can now revise or fine-tune your work accordingly. If you have not participated yet, you can also submit new entries according to our comments :)

Don't forget we have EUR 5,500 for the best 3 ideas:

First Prize: EUR 3,000
Second Prize: EUR 1,500
Third Prize: EUR 1,000
Contest will end on April 25, don’t forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion ;)