Hello, everyone!

We have a new contest up on our platform. It’s about…. us! Yes, about eYeka! :D

You know the eYeka story since you are experiencing it everyday. We are an online community of very creative people (Yes! It means people like you!) who are passionate about creating innovative solutions to solve problems. We call it co-creation. We at eYeka believes that co-creation is creating a better world and it can really help brands, organizations, individuals, and society with their problems to create a better future for all. We want people to understand it and believe in it.

That is why we need your help to express that story in a visually engaging, memorable way, through a video or animation that we could show anyone and put online for all to enjoy and pass on. After all, who is the best person to tell our story if not YOU? ;)

We have EUR 3,500 for ONE winner.

So gear up, guys! We can’t wait to see your creative ways of telling eYeka story. Amaze us (as usual)!

Click here to read the complete brief.

This contest will be closed on 22 April 2012.