Dear creators, thank you for the waiting! Finally we have the winners of Danone Superiority - Show us why it is “your favorite” yogurt!
We would like to thank you all for your great contribution in this creative challenge, your works are great! Well done, everyone :)

Now, it’s time to announce the winners, you can also find the feedback from the winners below:

First Prize of EUR 5,000
goes to paskual (France) with Danone luxe
It is a friend who told me about eYeka. I think it's a great platform for artistic expression and it allows to express various inspirations.The brief danone quickly inspired me. I wanted to compare the knowledge in the field of French luxury with quality and expertise of Danone yogurts.
Second Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to FlojoArt (Germany) with Feel Natural!
When I visited the first time the eYeka, I was simply enthusiastic and I started directly with my first project. My choice was the Danone "Show us why it's your favorite Yogurt" contest. Since this time I also checked out a lot of great works from the artists on eYeka all over the world and this inspired me a lot. Till now I cannot believe that I won with my first project. But for sure not my last! Thank you!
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to lilikedves (Italy) with Bio Danone
I discovered eYeka some months ago while I was looking for animation competitions. Since then I have been visiting eyeka regularly. The contests by eyeka inspire me, and I like that brands are looking for original, non-conventional ideas. eYeka gives me a place where I can experiment new techniques and ideas.
Congratulation to the winners! And for everyone who have taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much! We love all of your creations and it was definitely hard for Danone to only select 3 winners among all of you! :)

Due to the confidentiality of the contest, our client would prefer not to be published media. Thank you for your kind understanding.