Dear creators, we are glad to announce the 13 winners of “Illustrate the concept of “Caring Creativity” contest

Community managers team and Jury liked to see how you decide to illustrate what « Caring Creativity » represents for you. A lot of ideas with more than 110 media, thank you all!

Electing the winning entries took a lot of time, we are very sorry about that delay. Here is the list of 13 winners:

1st Video Prize of 3,000 € goes to msegobia (USA)
2nd Video Prize of 1,000 € goes to anling (Singapore)
3rd Video Prize of 500 € goes to markka (United Kingdom)
4th Video Prize of 500 € goes to Cph (France)
1st "Free format" Prize of 1,000 € goes to joshua87 (Netherlands)
2nd "Free format" Prize of 500 € goes to marqkyo (Singapore)
3rd "Free format" Prize of 250 € et 5th "Free format" Prize of 100 € goes to Rib (France)
4th "Free format" Prize of 250 € goes to anirudhgarg84 (India)
6th "Free format" Prize of 100 € goes to Savled (France)
7th "Free format" Prize of 100 € goes to Pixelsdesign (France)
8th "Free format" Prize of 100 € goes to animithra (France)
9th "Free format" Prize of 100 € goes to Frizz (France)

Congratulations to everyone! And BIG thank you from us to all of you who have taken a part in this contest. All of your creations are awesome!

Due to the confidentiality of the contest, our client would prefer not to be published media. Thank you for your kind understanding.