Beer has disappeared from earth. And you guys showed us how sad it would be in your great entries! 

We had more than 70 entries for this contest and they were really  different one from the other and some were very original, chapeau everyone!
Now, it’s time for us to announce the winners. Drum rolls, please...
You can find the jury's comments in italics and some words from the winners too.

First Prize of EUR 3,000
goes to Franzo (Spain) with Beer
Very inspirational, a touching media that takes beer back to its roots. It showcases how intrinsically woven beer is with humans. It brings to light the inherent characteristics of beer in a simple yet emotional way, with many insights to cover...
"I found eYeka looking for a contests of video and photography in internet, and that was a great discovery.  Since i knew this web i use to see it to find interesting offers. Make media for Eyeka is a very good way to be busy. The creation process was intense. I though continually If beer doesn´t exist we have to invent it. Then, two days to prepare the material in old mines of lead in my town and two days to finalize my work".
Second Prize of EUR 1,500 goes to skhuters (UK) with Beer1
Emotional and touching ode to beer. It makes one really feel what the world would be without those beer moments and the emotional connections they bring with other people and with oneself. The concept of 'release' is specially intriguing. Many insights to uncover...
"I've been on Eyeka a while now - I like some of the concept contests because often it's the idea that is the key point - so you don't necessarily need to invest too much time or money, which is always a bonus. I have a group of talent I work with on a regular basis now that I've built up relationships with in the last two years, in part thanks to Eyeka, I found eyeka simply by searching 'video contests' on google!"
Third Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to eklektik25 (France) with World without beer 
Very powerful insight to uncover from this entry - the concept of beer being at the beginning of the creation of a moment and a future memory has a lot of depth and layers to explore. It reminds us that happiness is in life's simplest moments and beer's presence is an enabler to connect socially and emotionally to build bonds you wouldn't be able to otherwise.
I bumped into eYeka over the TV, when watching a programme called "La nouvelle edition" on Channel Plus, that was about crowdsourcing and participative marketing. I have participated in this contest because i felt the need to express my creativity and my capacity to find interesting and original ideas. I also think it is a good thing to be rewarded for one's ideas, may it be through monetary reward or when the Company uses your ideas. I was particularly intrigued by this contest because it allowed me to put me in a realistic situation, that i have never thought i would live, and to imagine the consequences. I found this contest original and inspiring. I usually work at my place, alone in silence or listening to music, i try to be in the condition of finding inspiration. My creative process begins with a careful reading of the brief, to understand what is required and what is most important for the contest. They i analyse my first ideas, being careful about their adherence to the brief, finally i choose the ones that i think suit the best the criteria and which are original.
Congratulations! And for everyone who has taken a part in this contest, well done and thank you very much! :-)

For privacy reasons the client does not want to show the winning entries, thanks for your understanding.