Dear creators, do you remember the “New ways to drink Ricard” contest? We've suggested to you to put your creative drinking hat on and help us invent a new way to drink Ricard when it is served mixed with syrup or fruits juice and you succeed! So we would like to thank you, for your great work and participation in this creative challenge. The client was very happy as well about your entries and has selected their favourite ones. Please find the Jury's comments in italics and some feedback from our creators just after.

First prize of 1,000 EUR goes to losbellos (from Hungary) with his creation "losbellos_ricard". The idea of the pump is very good and relevant as it allows people to adapt the dose according to their taste. The symbol of the sun with the R of the brand is well executed and nice.

Wow, I won 1st prize! :-) Thank you so much for the support and the competition. By the way this is the first time I won 1st prize in international design competition; I was only able to get 2nd and 3rd prizes, so I feel extra happy about it! Thank you again!

Second prize of 1,000 EUR goes to Uday_Kiran (from India) with his creation "ricard". The idea of having a stirrer where you "plug" different flavours is pretty new and nice. It allows people to choose the taste they want, according to their mood.

The attracting factor of this competition is simplicity and clarity in the brief. It's said that the simple things are also often the most difficult. The brief goes on the same lines. so, I took it as a challenge to create something simple yet effective and I'm glad that I was successful. It feels very good to be a winner. It gave me a lot of confidence and I'm able to fund my own studies in Italy with the winnings from the competitions. Thank you eyeka for helping me to reach my goals and fulfill my dreams.

Third prize of 1,000 EUR goes to Chandandesigner (from India) with his creation "Ricard with a twist". A very well executed creation that meets the brief with quality and narrativity. The design of the glass is innovative and we loke the fact of having a glass that has two functions. The dice game is fun and can make the Ricard consumption a fun experience.

Being a winner is always secondary; it’s more satisfying to know that the hard work we put in is appreciated by the esteemed jury of eyeka. I'll be lying if is say that i am not floating on cloud 9 since i heard the news about my victory. eyeka has always been and hopefully will continue to be one of the most respected creative contest holder for its unbiased judgement and an eye for detail. It is great honour for me to be awarded the third position for RICARD, I am totally ecstatic about it. Also my heartfelt congratulations to the other winners and humble Thanks to eyeka.

Fourth prize of 1,000 EUR goes to suus (from The Netherlands) with her creation "_Rimix_presentation". Very complex work, well executed and self explanatory. We like the way you bring to life your idea, with many details and even a mood board! The label you created is very nice and modern.

Well, It feels really great to win a competition like this! But I mean really really great! I made a little dance of joy. Especially when I think of the amount of entries and that it is worldwide! Also, I like to drink Ricard (this is really the truth) and as a graphic designer I always admired their graphic design and advertising. So, it's double fun for me to win!

Fifth prize of 1,000 EUR goes to jimicuell (from Canada) with his creation "hourglass". The process of preparing the drink in 5 steps meets the brief and suggests a nice and new ritual. Having intended a new glass specially made for Ricard is a good idea that is original and new.

I'm incredibly excited to be a winner! It was tons of fun coming up with a new Ricard drink glass concept. I loved how the contest really let you use your creativity and didn't put any limitations or restrictions on what they wanted. It was a challenge I could really sink my teeth into. It made me want to become an inventor! Thanks Eyeka and Ricard!

Congratulations to the winners and once again thanks to you all for your participation. :)