We generally know that water is good for us and our body needs to stay hydrated. However, people lack motivation to get into the habit of drinking adequate amounts of water everyday. This is especially so due to our busy lifestyles with different responsibilities in the day, thus, drinking water is not considered as a priority. Consequently, we don’t really appreciate the power of water: it can eliminate the toxins that our body doesn’t need. Your mission is to create an engaging video or an animation to tell the story of “water eliminating the toxins that your body doesn’t need”. Surprise women with the power of water and convince them to participate in “Experiencia 15 - Bonafont”.

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 We have 10,000 € for the 3 best videos: 1 Prize 5,000€ 2 Prize 3,000€ 3 Prize 2,000€
Tip for you: we are expecting work that demonstrates creativity, simplicity and originality to convince women. Being aspirational and credible in your execution. Your ideas will be featured in the “Experiencia 15” campaign for the Bonafont brand. Don't forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. This contest will be running until 3 May.