Dear creators, only 6 days left for Rémy Martin contest, hurry to participate! :) To remind you again, this is a 2-phases contest: Phase 1 (3 weeks): You will have to submit your ideas in 3 weeks time. And we’ll review all the ideas and give feedback to all who participated (the feedback will be updated on our website) Phase 2 (1 week): You can further develop or rework your entry in this week based on the feedback and submit it again before the deadline Phase 1 deadline is April 17, so please submit your entry as early as you can within this week. Our brief is simple: imagine how people celebrate at the night out in a Rémy Martin World: How do people drink, toast and celebrate being Rémy Martin? You can submit pictures, sketches, storyboards, any visual medium that will allow you to describe your idea or tell your story. And here's the best part: prizes! We have a total prize of EUR 5,500 for you! First Prize: EUR 3,000 Second Prize: EUR 1,500 Third Prize: EUR 1,000 Contest will end on April 17, click here to participate! ;)