Some teenagers think drinking bottle water is not cool enough, they want things that are in, make they look cool, feel great and can be enjoyed with my friends. Here's the challenge for you: unleash your creativity by creating the “next wave” with bottle water among young people around 13-16 years old! Create a video/animation or a picture/illustration to engage and convince them that bottle water is something fun, cool and trendy to take everyday! Think about how to make bottle water “in and cool” and encourage young people to take it everyday without telling them it is healthy or good for your wellbeing. It should also fit into young people's requrests for new experience and socialization. Format: Video or Animation up to 60 seconds. Illustrations or photos. And here’s what we have in store for you: A total prize of EUR 10,000! Video Category First Prize: 3,500€ Second Prize: 2,000€ Third Prize: 1,000€ Design Category First Prize: 2,000€ Second Prize: 1,000€ Third Prize: 500€ We are expecting some fresh ideas that can be truly engaging and contagious. They should be able to create a phenomenon that not only changes the image of bottle water in young people’s mind and but also shift their behavior to take bottle water everyday. Your ideas will inspire a leading water brand to create more engaging and interesting communication for young audience. Contest will end on May 10th, 2012. Are you ready? Click here to view the brief and to participate!