Hello everyone! Thanks for waiting, finally we have the winners of Danone - Have fun with yoghurt contest here :) We are exciting to see your creative entries to show how you can have fun with yoghurt. Well done everyone! So let’s not get long-winded and get straight to the point: here are the winners for Danone:
  • 1st Prize (5,000 €): allentaste (China) with the work DANONE 365DAYS
  • 2nd Prize (2,000 €): mchristie(U.S.A)with the work Danone 365
  • 3rd Prize (1,000 €): Gotane(France)with the work Un jour, un yaourt
Congratulations to all the winners and thanks a lot again for your massive participation! For those who haven’t get the chance to grab a prize yet, don’t be discouraged! We will keep on bringing fun and interesting contests for you! p.s.: Due to confidentiality reason, Danone would prefer not to publish the winning entries. Thank you for your kind understanding.