A small invention can make a huge difference to your life. The light bulb for example has made people’s life more enjoyable, comfortable and safer. LED lighting is the new generation of lighting. It can be seen as a true revolution. It is energy-efficient compared to conventional lighting such as halogen or fluorescent and unlike conventional lighting, it is not confined to the shape of a light bulb or a light tube. You can easily use LED as a building block to form big or small lighting installations. And it can change into billions of colors so that you can create magnificent light effects. It gives you more freedom to create great ideas for lighting so we call it the “inspirational lighting”. Paint a vision on how you could use the inspirational LED lighting to create a more enjoyable, comfortable and safer life for people. Think about how the use of LED lighting can make a place better for people to work, socialize and entertain. Imagine how places such as office buildings, hotels, shopping malls where people gather to work, socialize and entertain can be transformed by LED lighting. It could be intelligent lighting that interacts with people. Or it could transform the mood and atmosphere of the place. Additionally, it could create a magnificent exterior for a building that will become the new city landmark when lit up.

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You can submit video, animation, pictures, sketches, storyboards, any visual medium that will allow you to describe your idea! We have 5,000€ in total to win!
#1 Prize 3,000€ #2 Prize 1,500€ #3 Prize 500€
We are looking for fresh and inspiring ideas that put LED lighting technology to great use with the purpose of improving people’s lives, especially looking at lighting in the context of urban commercial buildings such as offices, shopping malls, hotels. It should be a bit futuristic and inspirational to truly make a difference to our current social spaces. More importantly, it should have a strong human element to improve people’s lives. Your ideas will inspire the architect and designer to create better lighting for our lives.