Dear creators, Do you remember "Reinvent beer packaging" contest that we asked you to create a totally new, innovative and original beer packaging concept? We are happy to announce that the waiting is over, we finally have the list of the creative creators who have successfully amazed us with their beer packaging :) Let's put our hands together for the winners!
#1 Prize (EUR 1,000): FlojoArt (Germany) with the work The Rolling Box #2 Prize (EUR 1,000): saggi07 (India) with the work The Chill Pill #3 Prize (EUR 1,000): losbellos (Hungary) with the work Triangle-shaped bottle & minimalist carrier #4 Prize (EUR 1,000): Uday_Kiran (India) with the work Silicone Carrier #5 Prize (EUR 1,000): good4love (France) with the work BeerMe
Congratulation to the winners! And thank you so much for everyone who participated, you guys are great! ;) We’d like to apologize as we are unable to publish the winning entries due to confidentiality reason.