Mothers have different expectation about their children and they adopt different ways of parenting. There are some mothers who prefer their kids to grow up at their own pace rather than pushing them too much. They don't need anything fancy that claims to make their children geniuses or super heroes. They want things “just right” for their kids, no more and no less. Of course, as mothers, they want to be amazed and moved by their kids' achievement. They want to feel proud of their kids, especially in front of other mums. Use your creative flair to tell us a compelling and engaging story about how a young child makes a mother proud, in front of other mothers. Capture the magical moment when something unexpected happens, when a young child manages to do something extraordinary to amaze and move their mother, and impresses other mums too. And the mother can see this as a milestone in her child’s development. Format: storyboards (there has to be pictures on it, not just text), video, or animation (duration: 30-60 seconds). And here’s what we have in store for you: A total prize of EUR 10,000! 1st Prize: EUR 5,000 2nd Prize: EUR 3,000 3rd Prize: EUR 2,000 This contest will be running until 15th April 2012. To give you some inspiration, you may want to ask your mother, sister, wife, or friends who have children and try to put yourself in their shoes. Are you ready?

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