Imagine you are walking down the street on a hot sunny day. Ahh…I know, a nice refreshing drink would be great at times like this, isn’t it?’s time for Frutz! What is it? Frutz is a refreshing fruit drink with a refreshing taste, thanks to its real orange juice content. Drinking Frutz will uplift your mood; offering an exciting time filled with exuberant fun for you and your friends. Stretch your creativity by showing us a surprisingly exhilarating moment when Frutz uplifts your mood with exuberant fun! And now we have a few reasons why you should not miss this contest out: - You are allowed to create a moment that is as dramatic as you want it to be. - You can create one that is absolutely imaginary! - The rule here is for you to come up with an idea that will make our jaw drop and surprise us with fresh and extraordinary ideas. Doesn’t it sound fun? :D Format: storyboards, videos, and animations (duration to be not more than 60 seconds). And the best part: prizes! We have EUR 10,000 for 3 best ideas: 1st Prize: EUR 5,000 2nd Prize: EUR 3,000 3rd Prize: EUR 2,000 The most important thing in this contest is your idea. So don’t worry too much about the execution, as what we want to see is your idea of an exhilarating moment when Frutz uplifts your mood with exuberant fun.

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Frutz contest will be running until 27 February 2012.