For women, beauty is all in the details. From luscious hair to shiny toenails, every details counts. Unfortunately, hair loss is becoming a common problem, even in younger women. Starting from a small handful of hair falling after washing or combing, it can happen anytime of the day afterwards. Ouch! It’s definitely not a pretty sight looking at those hairs in your hands and combs :( A team of scientists in a French laboratory was doing a research recently on improving blood circulation for cardiac patients and they discovered a formula that can help relieve and prevent hair loss. They are very excited to help women all over the world who suffer from hair loss problems and improve their beauty. They now need a creative mind to turn their formula into a brand new beauty product that cares for women’s hair loss. Yes, it means they need your help to do it! Because you have all the creative minds they would need :D In your product design, you would need to create key elements to introduce the brand, such as the brand name, logo, and the visual elements (label or others). Excited? Wait until you see the following prizes we have prepared for you: 1st Prize: EUR 4,000 2nd Prize: EUR 2,500 3rd Prize: EUR 1,000

OK, now click here to check out the brief and guidelines! :D

This contest will be running until 21 February 2012. So get ready!