Hello everyone! After a looong wait, we have finally gotten the winners of our Nespresso contest! It was very interesting to see your ideas to show how Nespresso is doing their bit to bring positive differences to coffee farmers and the environment. We can see that you really push your creativity and skills to the limit. Well done!! :D So here they are, the winners of Nespresso contest:   Video/Animation Category 1st Prize (EUR 3,500) goes to urbansicc (Hungary) with The Nespresso Title Sequence 2nd Prize (EUR 2,500) goes to andreas_schultze (Germany) with Nespresso r24 3rd Prize (EUR 1,500) goes to Boldaslov (Spain) with Nespresso – Ecolaboration   Illustration Category 1st Prize (EUR 1,500) goes to ArtHouse (Russia) with Nespresso_AAA 2nd Prize (EUR 1,000) goes to sblanket (France) with affiche3 3rd Prize (EUR 500) goes to FuzzyToons (UK) with Nespresso   Congratulation to the winners and thanks a bunch to everyone who have taken a part in this contest! It was a success! :D   We would love to showcase the winning works but Nespresso would prefer not to do so. Thank you for your kind understanding.