Minute Maid PULPY is a naturally refeshing fruit drink with real pulps. The vibrant big and small pulps are from real fruits and are filled with fresh juice. When they are bursting in your mouth, the drink delivers a burst of zest.

Surprise us with a video or animation that shows how Minute Maid PULPY resets you, in a bold and unexpected way. You should dramatize the experience of Minute Maid PULPY resetting you with a burst of zest from the vibrant, big and small pulps. It’s a magical moment. To articulate it, you might want to think about what sensational experience the pulps bring you and how it resets you to fresh. You can create a moment that is absolutely imaginary. Make our jaws drop, surprising us with fresh and extraordinary ideas.

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We have 30,000 € for 3 best ideas: 1st Prize: EUR 15,000 2nd Prize: EUR 9,000 3rd Prize: EUR 6,000!
Don't forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. Minute Maid contest will be running until March 29, 2012.