Compagnon Have you ever noticed how successful home-related TV programs are? Programs like Extreme Makeover Home edition, Come dine with me, Wife Swap or How clean is your house? are hits because they show ordinary people living extraordinary experiences. Participants of these programs experience interactions that can see their lives improved or turned upside down… yet definitely transformed! Take your turn in the Director' chair and create a new TV program around the home that you would like to see broadcast on TV.

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Bring to life your idea with a PowerPoint presentation, pictures, sketches or illustration.
We have 10,000€ up to win! 1st Prize: 3,000€ 2nd Prize: 2,000€ 3rd Prize: 1,000€ 4th Prize: 1,000€ 5th Prize: 1,000€ 6th Prize: 1,000€ 7th Prize: 1,000€
TV broadcaster contest will be running until 12 March. We will select entries that best bring human drama while using home as a frame. We are looking for TV program ideas that are really new and groundbreaking so just adapting an existing TV show won't do it. It must be entertaining, with enough drama that people would want to tune in again and again. Your idea must be well explained and detailed to win, but the quality of the execution is not so important. Ideas are what we are looking for!