End of the world It's the end. Beer is not part of our world anymore. It’s a terrible fact but beer has irrevocably disappeared from Earth and we, humans will never be able to drink it again. For the rest of your life, you won’t be able to drink beer, smell it, taste it or even look at it. Sounds like a nightmare, uh? Well... why? What actually are you going to miss about beer? How would you cope? What are the countless things about beer that cannot be replaced by other drinks? What would you drink instead? What will not be the same when you typically drink beer, such as when you party, watch sports or other occasions? Wanna talk about it? Please see our brief for this brand new contest! Click here to check it out! We have great incentives for you to tell us your story: a total of 5000 EUR to win!!
  • 1 Prize 2,500 EUR
  • 2 Prize 1,500 EUR
  • 3 Prize 1,000 EUR
We are looking for PowerPoint presentations, pictures, sketches, storyboards, narratives... Your ideas will inspire a famous beer brand to create more enjoyable and surprising experiences. Take your chance now!!