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Thank you for all of your wonderful entries! It is inspiring, indeed, to see what kind of person someone is through the way he/she eats and drinks. ;) So let’s not get long-winded and get straight to the point. Yes, we have the winners of You Are How You Eat contest! Here are the three winners who have captured the jury’s heart. You can read the jury’s comment below their names, oh, we also add winners' feedback as well ;) 1st Prize (EUR 3,000): sandflake from France The idea is a great fun! It has a high potential of getting viral and it can be implemented on digital/outdoor theme
Sandflake: "I discovered eYeka a year ago. I really appreciate this site because it offers contests that are always very original. Briefs are different and interesting too. For this Danone contest, being passionate about photography, I naturally chose to illustrate it by using a picture : I wanted show multiple personalities with very different appearances, around the same yoghurt. The tasting is really different and revealing for their personalities is different too. I am convinced that this photo may bring out many ideas and there is several possibilities to adapt it (video, poster, ...). I'm really happy to have been selected as the first prize winner, it is very encouraging for me. I look forward to participating in eYeka future contests. Thank you again."
2nd Prize (EUR 1,000): allentaste from China It reflects different personalities linked to yogurt consumption, and the execution could be very eye catching and funny when used in different media channels.
allentaste: "I am excited that my work has been selected as the second prize winning entry. I found eYeka in 2010 and have been participating in several contests since then. I am passionate about animation, video, and illustration and eYeka always provide inspiring briefs for me to create different kinds of works. I joined this contest is because I found the brief very interesting, as I believe everyone has their own personality when eating; and I think it will be easier to make an illustration to join this contest, so I created a cute illustration and I can't believe I win! Thank you eYeka."
3rd Prize (EUR 1,000): penfold from UK It delivers the indulgence feeling of eating yogurt very well and it could be a creative route for future ads development.
Penfold: " I joined the eYeka community a few months ago on the recommendation of a friend; it offers a great opportunity to work to a brief which great for creative practice, and the offer of prize money is also a bonus of course. The Danone "Have fun with Yoghurt" brief, caught my attention because like many, it was light hearted and accessible but also because I genuinely love the product. I wanted to create something with a bit of mystery in order to tease expectations; I remember making bases as a kid and thought that might be a good way to introduce a sense of indulgence i.e giving the message that Danone yoghurt is a) worth going against the social expectations of adulthood/motherhood and b) can allow someone to be creative in making their own private space in which to focus on the product. I'm really looking forward to being able to do some more in the future."
Congratulation, guys!! Well done! And it was very interesting to hear how you came up with those creative ideas as well! :D For those who haven’t get the chance to grab a prize yet, don’t be discouraged! We will keep on bringing fun and interesting contests for you! :D We’d like to apologize as we are unable to publish the winning entries due to confidentiality reason.