Dandruff! Who doesn’t know that annoying white flakes that may cause your scalp to itch, feel greasy, and worst of all: appear unsightly, especially when you are wearing black-coloured apparel? Can you imagine having white “snow” flakes on your shoulder as you are wearing a set of tuxedo in a wedding reception? Or imagine if Ronaldo (yes, the football star player) had to worry about his scalp itching just when he is trying to score a penalty! Ermm..definitely not a beautiful experience, don't you think so? So when there is a guarantee that your dandruff would not be coming back, how would that allow you to make an impact, anytime and anywhere? Create a story to tell us what could happen and how you would feel about it. In short, what more could you do in your daily life when dandruff is no longer here to hold you back? Tell us your story! It can be personal or imaginary. Format: video, animation, pictures, or storyboards. Three best stories will be rewarded with the following prizes: 1st Prize: EUR 5,000 2nd Prize: EUR 1,500 3rd Prize: EUR 1,000 Yes! There is EUR 7,500 in total!! So what are you waiting for? Show us you can make an even greater impact when dandruff are not distracting or holding you back! Your story will inspire the next round of advertising for CLEAR, a famous anti-dandruff shampoo brand. Click here to read the full brief. Make sure you read the Rules and Guidelines thoroughly before starting on your creation ;) This contest will be running until 20 February 2012.