How a vibrant challenging spirit makes our lives more fun, dynamic, and exciting? You guys did a great job answering this KIA contest brief with awesome entries! It was not easy to pick up 13 videos out of so many nice ones submitted, so KIA spent longer time selecting the winners than we expected. But here they are! You can check out some comments from the happy winners too: 1st Prize of EUR 20,000 goes to damseremie with KIA Weekend Fun
I've been an eYeka member for a while and this is my 3rd time winning a prize, and it's first place in one of the biggest contests ever on eYeka, so I am very excited and happy. Before I pick a contest, I look at the brief first and some just speak to me and I get the idea immediately. For some contests, I need time to think, the idea for this KIA contest didn't come to me till about 4 days before the deadline and I was afraid I wouldn't have enough time to finish, given as it would be my first stop-motion video, I shared it with the eYeka team who was very supportive and told me to give it a shot, I did and this is the result. Sometimes I work alone but first I will brainstorm with my brother, Boma, my girlfriend Liz or other friends. My inspiration could come anywhere...TV,internet...etc...Really appreciate this... Thanks KIA. Thanks eYeka.....especially Xuan and Amelia.
2nd Prize of EUR 15,000 goes to leonardo_dias with Breaking Barriers
This was the first time I’ve ever entered an eYeka contest, in fact. My name is Leonardo Dias and I have known eYeka through someone I know (another Portuguese filmmaker), who told me he had already won some prizes here. When I heard his success story, I got interested in trying it myself. And I’m glad I did! Entering a contest is very risky by nature. A production is an investment of time and money (a micro-budget is still a budget!) and one always risks going home empty handed. It’s a real shot in the dark! But when the prize money is high (taking into account the size of the team), it might really be worth taking this shot. In addition, a contest is also an opportunity to showcase our work and skills and, for those who are just starting out (like us), it’s a good way to build a portfolio. So I always weigh the pros and cons of entering each contest, before deciding. And this contest seemed worth it! Besides, the brief was inspiring and it was the perfect opportunity to make something which I desired to make for a long time – a film about the story of b-boy Speedy. I work in a team of three. We shoot with DSLRs and take advantage of digital technology to produce our media. In fact, if it wasn't for digital technology, small indie film crews, like us, would never even exist! We shoot guerilla-style most of the time and each one of us performs several roles. I take care of most of the production work and I co-direct our videos. In addition, I edit video, draw storyboards and do all the color grading and image post-production work. I’m also the main creative mind behind the team. Rui Pereira is in charge of cinematography. He also co-directs, edits video and operates the camera himself. The third element of the crew is Pedro Pacheco, who takes care of everything related to sound (capture, editing, post-production, foley) and he also makes music, when necessary. We work as a team and brainstorm together. Our inspiration comes from anything, I guess, but cinema has a special place in our hearts. The hard part is channeling that inspiration into something productive. But we really strive to create the maximum production quality at the minimum possible budget. Regarding “Breaking Barriers”, it was fantastic to see so many people supporting our video, in the facebook voting. We had people sending their appreciation from all corners of the world and there was even a guy said he cried, when watching the video! That really inspired us to continue making films! When we knew we were on top 3, it was like the icing on the cake! ;)
3rd Prize of EUR 10,000 goes to Alfonsog35 with My first KIA
I knew eYeka through a friend that is also a member from this platform. I participate in contests because I think it's a good way to stimulate the creativity. I join this contest because I enjoyed Kia’s challenge. I knew about the results when I was having a meal at a restaurant. I was so happy that I almost forgot to pay the bill! Generally, when I create entry, I will read the brief carefully, think of several ideas and ask some opinion from my friends. The most popular idea between them is the one I will develop. I got my inspiration from something I see in the street, something from TV or from my family. I also want to add that, normally shooting with children is complicated, they will be easily distracted by a fly or something. But this one is different, it's a great experience with the young actor "Rafael", he's very professional during the shooting and always with a smile.
4th Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to sams with KIA - The escape
I know eYeka by surfing on google. I participate in contests in order to surpass myself and to have the opportunity for my work to be seen by a lot of people.  I decided to join KIA contest because I wanted to do a cool video about a car, and because I think that KIA was the only brand to combine fun and cars. When I got the news that I won the 4th Prize, I was happy but very disppointed not to be in the first three. I create movies with differents techniques, sometimes with animation, sometimes with a camera, it depends :) I get inspiration from a mix of animation movies that I've seen before (like “toy story”, or "Up"). I Mostly work alone.
5th Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to piogil with PrehistoKia
I am a graphic designer and amateur animator. As you know a lot of work and will is involved in the process of creating a character animation. I needed a strong motivation to practice animation and I thought It would be good idea to participate in contests. So I found eYeka website surfing the internet then I realized it was the site. So, in addition to practicing and learning, now I earn some money too :)
6th Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to MarthaStar with KIA Martha Star
I found eYeka on I like creative competition and l love to make video and photo. I have been interested in K-pop for a few years and I thought it would be fun to take part in a competition organized by the Korean brand which is KIA. I was very happy and excited when I got the email that I won in the contest. When creating the entry, first I try to find general idea in line with the brief and then I create a screenplay. Then I organize necessary elements such as: actors, objects, places and music. Usually I look for some inspiration in around the world and from internet. Sometimes I work with my husband.
7th Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to Clipclaper with Kia_eyeka_clipclaper
I know eYeka from my friends. For me, contest is a great chance to express my creativity. I was very surprised to know that I won in the contest! Of cause I am very proud of it. I am not working alone, we work as a team: Clipclaper.
8th Prize of EUR 2,000 goes to Humble89 with FINAL_KIA_H264_lowres
I've known eYeka for maybe about a year- I participate in contests to motivate myself to succeed, trying to prove to the world that I / we can do it- I participate in KIA contest because me and my friends thought this is a good chance. Because in our mind, we first thought that international client may be more objective in deciding the quality of the winners- well, me and my friends are happy of course. Although too bad we didn't get the big prizes but we thought it's still great participating in this contest because we had a chance to compete with good contestants :) Me and my friends usually create animation - We often get inspiration from daily life, form daily activities that can easily be overlooked at- I participated in a team of 3.  :)
9th Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to lewistso with kia_animation
I know eYeka by searching the keyword "Competition" in Google, I participate in the contest because the theme of contest sounds interesting to me. I observe everything around my life and think curiously. When I found out I won, I am very happy and surprised. I usually create media with After effect and Cinema4D - they are my favorited tools. I get inspiration from things around my life, I work alone.
10th Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to FlojoArt with Create an artwork with the Kia
When I read the brief, I couldn't wait to start working on the project, because It is for a really famous company and a really big competition. I like the style of the competition very much! It was great to see some of the works from the other artists before there was a winner announced. I think all artists there did a really good job, but some of them were just AMAZING!! I am really happy and proud to be at the Top 10. Thank you very much eYeka and KIA!
11th Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to remito with KIA BATTLE     12th Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to Mateja with KIA_The Power to Surprise
Being a freelancer, one's schedule is frequently quite random, with periods of hard work and gaps of spare time in between. I appreciate eYeka, since it's offering an opportunity to fill up these gaps with a creative challenge. To empathize with such variety of briefs is an excellent way to exercise creativity. I'm very happy to be selected as one of the finalists and I want to thank eYeka staff for your support.
13th Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to 10Miles with Find Your Own Way to Move
I knew eYeka around one year ago, I was looking for some way to win prize from the internet! So I google “design contest”, then I found eYeka. I participate in contests because of the brief, and obviously for the prize! I joined KIA contest because the brief allows us to show our passion, to practice our basic sound/motion design skills. Last but not least, I was surprised to see the huge prizes for the contest. When I got the email that I win in the contest, I feel like... Gangnam style! I usually work with my best friends to create medias,the more ideas we have, the better video we produce. And each of us is like a department, some do sound production, some do motion production, some do graphic... we try to work at our best in oder to be efficient. I get inspiration from other concepts on Vimeo. I would like to thank my team:  Samuel Govindin, Olivier Escher, Jeremie Resnic, Paul Idrobo. Love my team <3
  Congratulations to the winners and once again thanks to everyone for your participation, we LOVE your entries! :D