When we asked you to invent the next generation of London Cab or New York Taxi, you impressed us yet again with your ideas. It was hard for the judging team to select just one winner out of so many good ones. But in the end, someone had to be selected. So let's welcome the winner of this fun contest, but before that, here's some words from the judges: "The team judging the entries was impressed by the quality and originality of ideas proposed to truly reinvent the taxi experience. Ideas were clearly well thought-through and took into account the passenger and driver's point-of-view. Noteworthy were a system for multiple passengers to share a taxi if they have similar destinations, a centralised intelligent driving system to regulate taxis' speed and prevent collisions, as well as doubling up as a logistical hub to turn taxis into delivery vehicles and an entertainment solution with online shopping and geo-targeted advertising from shops located along your way." Jury's Prize of EUR 1,000 goes to alz19 (India) with Your City My Cab
The moment I read the brief I felt that the brief has been written just for me and all the memories of taxi travel ,adventures and misadventures came rushing to me . I have had those taxi journeys where the fare meter ran much faster than the taxi , went round & round searching for a destination or stuck in the traffic jam with nothing much to do. So many journeys and each being a unique experience and teaching me a lesson or two. Actually having traveled in a taxi in different part of the world helps you compare the systems.Equal credit goes to the well written and lucid brief that was very inviting to say the least. A positive change that I have noticed over the years is that the moderators are now more accessible and helpful. Getting a quick response goes a long way.

Congratulation! And thank you everyone who participated in this creative challenge! :D