Modern women have demanding lives with too many roles to play. They strive to achieve the perfect balance between their responsibilities at home and at work, and this is stressful. Women need moments of pampering to make them feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Comfort, the well-known fabric conditioner brand, has launched a product range with “Comfort Aromatherapy”. They contain essential oils that can make clothes release fragrance after washed. This fragrance will help a stressed modern woman to feel relaxed and rejuvenated; and most importantly, to make her feel pampered. Through an engaging and relevant video/animation, bring to life the moment when Comfort’s blissful fragrances give the most amazing pampering experiences to a stressed woman. Format: Video/animations up to 60s

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We have EUR 10,000 for 3 best entries: First prize: 5,000€ Second Prize: 3,000€ Third Prize: 2,000€
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