Teenage love... Ahhhhh :) Teenagers aspire to be “fearless romantics”. Teenage love is one of the most innocent, lovely and vulnerable feelings. Sadly, sometimes social pressure, a shy personality or other obstacles can hold teens back from fully expressing their love or enjoying a pure loving moment. Cornetto is a lovely ice cream and a social brand. Teens will enjoy it the most with their beloved ones. The taste is like a journey for the senses: from unique unwrapping, biting into the artisanal crown, then to the crispy wafer, enjoying the ice cream core and finally the chocolate tip ending.... the favourite part of the experience. The great taste from start to end inspires teenagers to dive in and fully enjoy moments together. Love gives you more when you dare to dive in fully. So enjoy the ride, love the ending! Show teens how Cornetto helps to express their love to each other in a lovely and clever way through an engaging and youthful video/animation. Format: video/animation - duration: 23 seconds (not more, not less).

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We have EUR 20,000 for 3 best creations: 1st Prize: EUR 12,500 2nd Prize: EUR 5,000 3rd Prize: EUR 2,500!
This contest will be running until 22 January 2013. Let's gooooooo! :D