Hello everyone! It's official, we have winners of Connected Toothbrush Contest! The contest was a success with many original ideas. You will also find feedback from the Jury in italics.

Large number of ideas. Many ideas were in line with what we were thinking but presented from different angles, some of which we hadn't thought of! We also really enjoyed the ideas that didn't touch the product but found a way to creatively market it (e.g. social media). Finally, it's great to see that kids were included!

First prize of 1,500€ goes to ypp1117 (from China)

Actually I did expect winning in this contest; I hope you don't find me arrogant :) When I saw the brief, I already have some ideas. So I couldn't wait to start thinking of the ideas, even when I was in the bathroom. I came up with many ideas especially when I was brushing my teeth. During my creation, I revised my entries for many times and then continued to add in new ideas, it was great fun when creating entry for this contest! I found eYeka two years ago, but I was very busy so I didn't participate a lot, but I check out the eYeka website almost everyday, it becomes part of my life now. Thank you eYeka for providing such a great platform for us, I am sure we will be more interested in joining the future contests. Lastly, I really hope eYeka can provide winning certificate for the winners, that will be perfect!

Second prize of 750€ goes to moebius (from Spain)

I've only been a couple of months participating in eYeka and I`m really excited about it. It is a great experience being part of a community as creative as this. There are really good people creating and with a lot of imagination. I come from the real estate advertising world but here you find a wide variety of topics and sectors that helps to develop my creativity skills. As to the contest, it has been very useful for me to observe the attitude of my children about brushing their teeth. I think that to observe is essential in any creative process.

Third prize of 250€ goes to thaubyas (from France) Hasn't chared any feedback with us.
Congratulations to the winners and once again thanks to every one for your participation :D