Dear creators, do you remember the Toyota contest? We asked you to Showcase Toyota’s amazing “Waku-doki” to athletics fans during the IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013. And you did it very well! So we would like to thank you, for your great work and participation in this creative challenge. Without further ado, here are the winners and their feedback! You will find some comments from the Jury In italics: "We selected the ideas. Some are unique and others are ideas which get you more exited. First prize of 2,000 EUR goes to NataPictureton (from Russia)   Second prize of 1,000 EUR goes to remake1990 (from Algeria)
A friend showed me eYeka website and told me there are some video contests going on, So I checked it out and then signed up :) it's a very cool website that gathers different creators in different segments. I like sharing my thoughts, specially those about filmmaking, or script writing ideas, so I participate in contests. I specially like those idea contests asking for "ideas for TV scripts,events ..." they drive me to participate. When I knew I won in this contest... It was a mixture of joy and anticipation  because eYeka told me that I have to wait the Toyota to decide if they will buy the intellectual property, which it didn't happen at last, but overall I felt great, it was like this smile " ^^ ". When creating entries, I usually start with powerpoint and then convert to pdf for better visual and esthetic content. I don't know exactly where I get inspiration from , I just take the first idea that comes to my head, then I will work on them and try to develop them,that's all. I create everything by myself :)
Third prize of 750 EUR goes to tagore (from India)
About one year and a half back, I found eYeka via google search. I participate in contests simply because it's fun. I am restless my nature and I constantly need to engage myself in a creative process. And each time there is a new brief on eYeka that takes my fancy, it helps me engage myself. When I got the news that I won, I feel GREAT! Hope it won't just stop at this. When creating the media, I follow the "No hard and fast rule". But when an idea sprouts in my head, I just follow it intuitively with a bottle of beer :) I get an adrenalin rush just when I am working on a brief.  And that process itself is my inspiration. I work alone.
Fourth prize of 500 EUR goes to thewiner (from Indonesia)
I knew eYeka from the internet. I decided to participate in Toyota contest because I am very interesting about the event idea, I like toyota product and I have created many events in indonesia for national covered. When I found out I won, wow it's like the dream come true! When creating media, I will observe and check what the trend is, to see what's the brand behavior and I will then choose the concept. My inspiration comes from my imagination when I see some movie or when I travel. I work alone to create ideas, but I will then work with my colleague for the design.
Congratulation to the winners! And thank you everyone for participating. It was great to see all of your creative ideas for Toyota. P.S. We apologize that we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!