Cold is not commonly seen as something people value and look for. When it comes to weather, food or the pool temperature, we generally like it hot!

Yet, there is one area where cold can bring benefits … Laundry! Ariel (Tide in the US, Dash in Italy) has a detergent that brilliantly washes clothes, even at 30 °C or below! And this is good for your clothes, your wallet and the environment. Help us make cold the hottest trend with a surprising and entertaining story where cold is better than hot and give a positive twist to a situation. Format: Videos or animations not longer than 30 sec.

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We have 15,000€ for 3 best ideas:
1st Prize: 8,000€ 2nd Prize: 5,000€ 3rd Prize: 2,000€
  Don't forget to use the contest discussion tab if you have any comment or suggestion. Ariel contest will be running until 17 January 2012.