Hello, everyone ! Do you remember that a couple months ago we asked you to show us how Danette can become a shared pleasure, enjoyed in shared moments? You did a great job sending us amazing projects and today we are happy to announce the Danette Pleasure’s winners! You can also read some comments that the winners wanted to share with the community and jury’s perceptions about these three best entries in italic. So check it out! First prize of 3,500€ EUR goes to JLewis (from Brazil)
He did a clear interpretation of our brief, showing how Danette is a shared pleasure in a realistic and credible way. The creative idea is very nice, showing how single pleasures like riding bike, playing music or watching a sunshine, can be much more pleasant if shared with another person (and Danette!). " I started to participate to eYeka's contests not so long ago. I always worked with Publicity but, because of the long hours of working that this area implies here in Brazil, I gave up of this profession to work with cinema. With eYeka I found the coolest possibility of Publicity field that is create, think about situations, search for possibilities to solve a problem and give shape to the ideas. With Danette's contest it was like that: a amazing product to work and an interestinf brief which transformed my creative process in something fun. Thank you for the opportunity! Obrigado!"
Second prize of 1,500 EUR goes to kikzekik (from France)
This project is interesting since it shows a new way of consuming Danette and how it creates interaction and a moment of shared pleasure with friends. The creator didn't share any thoughts with us.
Third prize of 800 EUR goes to kidney (from Dominican Republic)
Although the creative idea isn't very credible, it shows a certain funny exageration that could fit with the brand and shows how all together share Danette. "Be a winner in Danette's contest is really satisfactory and very conforting for the special reason of competing with talented creators from all over the world. I'm very happy that Danette's jury enjoyed my idea. I really hope to participate in other contests y try again this great sensation of letting the ideas flow. Thank you! Gracias!"
  Thank you all of you for participating in Danette's contest. And a round of applauses to the winners! You did great and, as always, we are proud of having BRILLIANT creators as you in eYeka's community!!! :D P.S. We apologize that we can’t publish the winning entries due to the confidential nature of this contest. Thank you for your understanding!