Girls, I believe all of you (ahem, okay, including me) understand and know first hand how periods can be very uncomfortable, isn't it?

Periods are not exactly girls’ favorite time of the month. Not only are they constrained from doing certain activities (goodbye beach plans! :(), but they also have to deal with the random mood swings, and even paranoia that they are about to have some embarrassing leakage. Besides a cup of warm tea, some sweet treats or maybe a caring boyfriend (guys, take note! ;)), what girls need at this time is protection that won’t fail them or let the whole world know that they’re having their period. We’re talking about tampons! Yet most teens are still using pads as they don’t know what’s so good about tampons. It's time to spread the word! Firstly, tampons give users a wet-free feeling so that they can enjoy a cleaner feeling during their periods. Secondly, it helps on the appearance – no visible pad line through tight clothing. Last but not least, tampons allow users greater freedom to move! No one will even suspect they are having their periods. Create a fun, light-hearted and even a bit cheeky video/animation to show teens how tampons make periods easy!

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Total prize is EUR 10,000 for 3 best ideas: 1st Prize: EUR 2,500 up to EUR 5,000 2nd Prize: EUR 1,500 up to EUR 3,000 3rd Prize: EUR 1,000 up to EUR 2,000
And even though the topic might sounds quite girly this time, it is definitely open to EVERYONE on eYeka, both ladies and gentlemen! So don't hesitate to jump in and participate! This contest will be running until 9 December 2012. :D